Salary Negotiation Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics: (—Occupational Outlook)
ž (How to Negotiate a Compensation Package, Getting Paid What You’re Worth, and How much are you Worth)  All By:  Alison Doyle
ž (Tips for a Successful Salary Negotiation)  By:  Susan M. Heathfield
ž (How To Get The Salary You Want:  Twelve Negotiation Tactics That Work)  By:  Ed Brodow
ž (Reach the right deal)  By:  Simon Halliday
ž (Negotiating a Salary Package)
žNegotiating Your Salary; How to Make $1,000 a Minute By:  Jack Chapman
žNegotiate To Win By:  Jim Thomas
žGetting to Yes By:  Roger Fisher and William Ury
žEssentials of Negotiation By:  Roy J. Lewicki, Bruce Barry, and David M. Saunders

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