Boys on step drinking smoothies

September is Back to School: We’ll go back to basics

The school bus just picked up my youngest child for his first day of middle school orientation. As we all gear up to go “back to school” I thought I’d do a quick sweep of the national “theme” weeks and the primary theme for September. What I found was a mishmash of days and weeks for different awareness efforts. It felt like the people in charge of this month where caught in the same swirl of activity as our household and threw something together.

I did find a commonality, however. The themes that spoke most loudly to me had the thread of getting back to basics; for example, September is National Courtesy Month. 

This month I’ll share a variety of topics that help us get back to basics when it comes to our businesses and our lives. I’ll share curated content on my Facebook page that support the themes of the month as well. If you’re interested, please “like” and you’ll share in the content too. I always appreciate comments and answers to questions I may pose.

Here’s a list of topics that got my attention:

  • National Courtesy Month
  • Patriot Day (Sept 11)
  • Step Family Day (Sept 16)
  • World Gratitude Day (Sept 21)
  • International Day of Peace (Sept 21)
  • Business Women’s Day (Sept 22)

Let’s all get back to basics and share what we learn this month.