What do you really want? Name the game.

I recently read a post on www.proactivebizblog.wordpress.com called “Name that Title” (http://wp.me/pVOwS-1p) that captures the multiple-identity confusion often found in the field of Organizational Development. You’ve read about OD, OE, OT, and the field is also referred to as “Change Management.” Christopher Janney (2010) lists a variety of job titles advertised on popular job search sites. He found the following:

  • Director of Professional Development
  • Director, Organizational Effectiveness
  • Change Management Associate
  • Strategic Communication and Change Manager

What Janney (2010) found was that the positions were looking for essentially the same things:

  • Strategic and operational leadership
  • Expertise in organizational effectiveness, change management, organizational design, and talent development
  • Plan programs
  • Influence change
  • Increase organizational success (results and efficiency)
  • Leaders who can coach, facilitate, and essentially motivate

For what end you might ask? To help people and processes adapt to change.

I believe two of the most important skills new graduates in any field can display are adaptability and persistence. Adaptability is important because things will change. Expect it. Embrace it. However, change is hard and sometimes you must just persist through it. There has to be a compelling reason to persist, and that’s what leaders in the field need to provide, the tools to adapt and the vision to persist, regardless of their titles.